Introducing NATS Cloud

Spend your time using your real-time event data, not managing the infrastructure to support it.

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    Choose your cloud

    Choose the cloud and region your applications are running in to minimize latency

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    Plans to meet your messaging demands

    Choose a plan based on the number of messages you send

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    Automatically updated

    You receive the latest functionality as part of your subscription

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    No administration headaches

    Your NATS Cloud subscription is maintained by the authors of NATS server and many NATS clients

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    Secure connections by default

    Each NATS Cloud subscription has TLS certificates by default for secure connections


Low-Latency Publish / Subscribe
Connect to your NATS Cloud subscription using the language of your choice for simple, low latency publish/subscribe.
Service Mesh
Use your NATS Cloud subscription to provide simple, service-discovery-free, load-balanced Request Response.
Signup, plans start at $99/month