Single Instance

Single NATS server for secure, fast, pubsub or request/response messaging.


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More messages with a higher message-burst rate



Our highest message count plan


Custom Plans

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Plan Features

There are a few important parameters for each NATS Cloud Plan:

Billable Messages

For the purposes of billing, each message <= 1024 bytes is counted as one message. All messages > 1024 are counted as 1 message per 1024 bytes.

  • 1024 byte message = 1 Billable Message
  • 100 byte message = 1 Billable Message
  • 1 MiB message = 1024 Billable Messages

We will notify you if you near your monthly limit in Billable Messages.

Message Rate

Each subscription limits the number of messages that can be sent per second.


Each subscription comes with a limited number of users. Your administrator can specify a username and password for each user.


Each subscription comes with a limited number of simultaneous connections.

Clustered Instances

Run multiple instances of NATS Cloud in a single cloud region.

Cloud Connectors Coming Soon

Run a full NATS Mesh across multiple clouds.

Basic Support

Basic support is email based.

Please Contact Us if you need a higher level of support guarantee.